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Stay Ahead of the New Waves: Bitcoin Options Market Hits Record High, Don’t Miss Out

The Maturation of the Cryptocurrency Derivatives Market

Bitcoin has recently surged within a narrow range of $27,800 and $28,300 price mark, and investors are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting to see if Bitcoin’s rally will continue.

Despite uncertainty surrounding the impact of the FOMC meeting on Bitcoin, it’s clear that the options market has played a crucial role in the recent positive price action. The surge in demand for Bitcoin options has created a strong market sentiment, which has helped fuel the uptrend that has seen BTC’s price rise by over 30% since mid-March. 

Recent data from the derivatives exchange Deribit indicates notional open interest on the platform exceeded $20 billion on Wednesday, with most of that attributed to $11.7 billion from Bitcoin options, an all-time high, and $6.9 billion from ETH options.

The recent record comes after the fall of several banks in recent weeks (including Silvergate Bank, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature Bank), which has shaken trust in traditional financial institutions. 

Derivatives exchange CME Group has also seen consistent growth in its crypto futures and options products. 

According to Blockworks, the notional value of bitcoin options open interest in 2023 has reached an all-time high of $936 million, with an average daily increase of 140%. 

Many traders are moving their money into bitcoin and using futures and options to protect themselves from price changes. 

CK Zheng, co-founder and chief investment officer of crypto hedge fund ZX Squared Capital, believes Bitcoin is “starting a new cycle” after reaching a bottom following the bankruptcy of the crypto exchange FTX last November. “The next BTC halving is coming early next year, which is very bullish given the design of the halving process”, said CK Zheng.

Research firm Blofin notes that only weekly implied volatility remains uncertain and has already started to decrease. If Bitcoin can surpass $28,750, it will likely reach the $30,000 level in the short term.

The growth in open interest in Bitcoin options demonstrates the maturation of the cryptocurrency derivatives market as more traders and investors seek exposure to Bitcoin and manage risk using these products. 

Step into the Future of Derivatives Trading with DBOE – the Innovative Options DEX

Options trading is quickly becoming the new wave in the financial market, as such, traders must keep up with this trend by learning the ins and outs of options trading. For those who seek a reliable, secure, and transparent platform for options trading, DBOE is the ideal Options DEX to consider. 

By eliminating the reliance on centralized entities, DBOE, functioning as a decentralized exchange (DEX), elevates the transparency and security of transactions while concurrently diminishing the likelihood of risks associated with the possible collapse of centralized exchanges.

DBOE is known for its unique features, including a high level of transparency, low fees, and a flexible trading experience. By learning about options trading and experimenting with DBOE, traders can position themselves to take advantage of the exciting opportunities that the financial market has to offer.

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