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Options have long been considered an indispensable tool in traditional financial markets. Options are considered indispensable for financial investors, not GameFi or NFT, as the next development step in the cryptocurrency market.

Its role is to limit risks, protect asset portfolios, be sensitive to fluctuations with good warning value, and help the market develop more sustainably. Therefore, from the end of 2021, the world’s leading experts have predicted the next strong growth with the options wave.

DBOE ACADEMY is a product in a series of DBOE projects to help players understand and know, access and use options tools in the simplest and most transparent way. In addition to helping you have background knowledge about cryptocurrency options, After completing the tests, you will be able to participate in trading and experience directly on the mainnet without any cost. Weekly contests can even be profitable for you.

Without wasting any more time, let’s start learning.

Compete and get rewarded

DBOE ACADEMY allows users to fully trade European Option positions with the underlying crypto-asset.

Players can participate in trial trading of order forms and options pricing with Black-Scholes. Or practice applying strategies like straddle, strangle, etc. without any cost at all, on a real main net in a real-time environment.

These transactions will use NUSD-Token (to distinguish them from real transactions in USDT).

To get NUSD, players need to complete knowledge quizzes. Each time the player completes, the player will receive 2000 NUSD and 5 DBOE tokens.


DBOE ACADEMY will also regularly organize events, knowledge sharing programs, or seminars to answer AMAs and identify projects. Share and update sponsorship information and competition prizes every week.

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Rules for receiving rewards

DBOE exchange only allows trial trading activities on NUSD ie Non-USD (This token has only test transaction value). Completing each quiz you can get 2000 NUSD.

You need to have an E-Wallet address available to receive the bonus.

When you complete all the questions, you will receive 5 DBOE Tokens. Please keep it.

After having NUSD you can participate in trading and race to the top weekly. See the update notification results on the homepage.