FAQ DBOE Go-live Airdrop

Dboe event

Step-by-Step Guide To Claim Your Token in the DBOE Go-live Airdrop Starting from June 12th, 2023, DBOE, the top-notch decentralised options trading platform, has launched its first Go-live Airdrop. Join the celebration and grab your share of the incredible 500,000 $DBOE tokens worth $50,000! To ensure a seamless experience, we have prepared a step-by-step guide […]

Option writers find peace with DBOE’s novel Options

Past couple of weeks were particularly interesting for Options guys (and or girls) when market sentiment had a flip from being “reliably” bearish to bullish(ish) in a short span of time. During the month of Oct, Ether had a moment dipped into the low of $1,274 in the middle of the month but surprisingly reversed course and […]

The Capital Markets of Tomorrow

Seriously, what is the deal with capital markets today? Capital markets are natural monopolies operated by central governments and mega corporations. They are monolithic, because it is more efficient to have liquidity and control mechanisms centralised. They are batched, because they run on legacy systems and processes, mostly determined when trading of financial instruments was […]